Friday, June 26, 2015


I'm searching for meaning.
Will I find it written somewhere in the sky?

I'm searching for meaning.
Will I find it under this rock?

I'm searching for meaning.
Can I find it by searching my soul?

Is meaning in another person? In my kids? In myself? Is it all around?

Is it elusive, like a wisp of smoke in the air? Or will it swim up and smack me in the face, only to vanish once again when I attempt to grasp it with both hands and examine it for proof that it is tangible?

Will reading this book about philosophy and spirituality help me find meaning? What about this book about world history and the horrors of famine and war? What if I wear yoga pants while I read them? What if I sip tea? What if I maintain an expression that is incredibly serene and/or caring and/or deeply concerned?

Will reading the New Yorker help me find meaning? What about the Washington Post? What if I only read the editorials?

Is meaning on Twitter? #meaning #findyourmeaning

Up next in my personal search for meaning: I'll be taking a week off starting on Monday so I can go and hike the John Muir Trail (know among its legions of supporters by its initials only, the JMT). I am searching for meaning, after all, and this seems as good a place as any to find it.

I have a guide about hiking the JMT and a book about hiking the JMT and I follow three blogs about hiking the JMT and while I haven't read ALL of those (how boring does that sound, really), I am pretty sure that this is a place where meaning can be found - that much seems unanimous.

I'm going to climb mountains and cross streams and get soaked by thunderstorms and not shower for eight days and chew on rainbows and catch lightning in a bottle and talk to eagles and have sex with bears - yes, bears.

I'm going to see things - I'm going to do things - I'm going to meet people - I'm going to FIND my SELF.

Or maybe I won't actually accomplish any of those things. Meaning, after all, is a slippery little bastard and will most likely wriggle from my grasp when I pursue it once again, but doggone it, I've got to try.

Meaning, here I come!

Look out, bears.

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  1. Is meaning something we create or something we are assigned by the One who created us?