Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beer tails

Driving in the car, on the radio a song is playing where the singer croons about being drunk.

Sevilla: Drunk? Not cool.
Me: Definitely not cool.
Caden: What's drunk?
Me: It's when people have too much alcohol and it makes them feel dizzy, and act funny.
Caden: What's alcohol?
Me: Alcohol is something that is in some drinks. Drinks like beer, wine, and some other drinks. Not all drinks, but there are some adult drinks that have alcohol, and when people drink too much they start feeling really funny and silly.
Caden: I feel like that all the time.
Me: This is different, this is from having too much alcohol. And you feel dizzy and not good.
Caden: I've had beer before. I had it with Dad.
Me: Did you have ginger beer? Or root beer? Because those are ok. They are not the same as regular beer. Ginger beer or root beer don't have alcohol in them.
Caden: No, I've had beer before. I had one this big (he indicates the size of a whole bottle).
Me: It had to be root beer buddy, it had to be.
Caden: No! It was real beer!
Me: Where did you have it?
Caden: At school!
Me: Who gave it to you?
Caden: The teachers!
Me: (laughing) Buddy, that's couldn't have happened, they wouldn't give that to you. It's not for kids. You have to be 21 to drink alcohol.
Caden: Well I did! (pause) And I saw a dog drink alcohol once.
Me: (laughing) Caden!
Caden: I did! But it's ok, he was 22.

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