Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Featured Cartoonist: Jared Roselló

A cartoon by Jarod Roselló - Jared is a Cuban-American teacher, cartoonist, and writer, and you can see his website here. I like some of his more recent stuff featuring the Well-Dressed Bear. I would probably like some of his not-so-recent stuff as well, only I haven't scrolled back that far.

I found Jared's website when a Tumblr I follow posted the cartoon below. Seeing this carton helped me realize that depression is an infliction that affects many people, seemingly striking for no reason. For some reason this made me feel better. Perhaps it was the realization that it was not only happening to me. 

Jared currently teaches in the creative writing program at University of South Florida. His posts about teaching and the relationship he shares with his students (whereby he educates them but they also educate him) are also enjoyable.

Below, a transmogrifier he built with his students. Per Jared's post, "It was supposed to help transform student-teachers into teachers and my students designed it based on what they believed a teacher needed.

"If I recall correctly, you had to put on a helmet they made, then start it up with imagination, and keep it running by asking questions. In the ceiling, they installed a black light and they got glow-in-the-dark chalk so you could write questions on the inside. We installed it in the main education building and invited students to step inside and use the machine. By the end of the week, the interior was full of questions about teaching, learning, and living. This was easily one of my favorite moments in the classroom."

The transmogrifier

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