Thursday, April 9, 2015

What animal am I thinking of?

Caden's favorite game to play in the car. It is harder when he uses imaginary animals.

Caden: What animal am I thinking of?
Me: 4 legs?
Caden: No.
Me: 2 legs?
Caden: No.
Me: 6 legs?
Caden: No.
Me: 8 legs?
Caden: No.
Me: No legs?
Caden: No.
Me: Hmmm... 100 legs?
Caden: No. It has 5 legs.
Me: Oh! 5 legs. Ok... it's a starfish!
Caden: No.
Me: It's not? Hmm. Ok. Does it live under the ocean?
Caden: No.
Me: Does it have fur?
Caden: No.
Me: Is it smaller than a cat?
Caden: No. And it's NOT a polar bear.
Me: Ok. (pause) Is it a monster?
Caden: Monsters don't have 5 legs. Only some aliens do.
Me: Is it an alien?
Caden: No.
Me: Does it exist?
Caden: What does that mean?
Me: Is it real? Is it a real animal that lives on this earth?
Caden: Yes.
Me: Does it eat other animals?
Caden: No.
Me: So it eats plants?
Caden: No. It eats nothing.
Me: (pause) It doesn't eat anything?
Caden: It eats air. Me: (pause) I give up.
Caden: It's a tree!
Me: A tree?
Caden: You're not very good at this game.

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