Wednesday, March 18, 2015


There are some mornings when Caden asks a lot of questions. This was one of those mornings.


Don't you know that baby polar bears can live on their own when they are 2?
Don't you know that walruses are 3070 pounds?
Don't you know, there was one president that weighted over 300 pounds? Four men could fit in his bathtub.
Abraham Lincoln kept his papers in his hat.
Does Aladdin live in Egypt? When was he born?
Don't you know that Abraham Lincoln was 6 ft 4 inches tall?
When was Scooby Doo born?
Where was I born?
Where was Sevy born?
Where was Daddy born?
Where were you born?
Is your mom alive? Is your dad?
Does Scooby Doo exist in real life?
Are leprechauns nocturnal?
Are robbers real?
Are ninjas real?
Are Vikings? Are dragons?
Can a skeleton talk?
Do demons live under the ground?
Don't you know that penguins have extra fat to keep them warm?
Does Captain America ever sleep?

I believe in leprechauns. I believe in God. I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in fairies. I believe in every one of you.

Why are we here?


  1. O jeez, when he figures out that last question please let me in on it!

    1. I agree, but I thought that was the best question of all! I turned it back around on him to see what he thought the answer was. He knew about as much as any of the rest of us.