Saturday, March 7, 2015

On running long distances

The fun is in the run

In the longest possible out-and-back
In seeing two sunrises and two sunsets and in knowing
that you can and must go further

In the simplicity of moving forward at the steadiest pace you can muster
Surging ahead when inspired, then falling back
But still finding time to notice the smallest flower
And the color of rocks
The grittiness of dust in the air, in your mouth
The patterns of light on the wall through the leaves

The fun is in the run

In the quiet of night and a thousands stars
Far more than the thirteen or so you count nightly
In the light-polluted skies over your city.

In finding after two long nights you can still
Run some of the uphills
In falling back, pausing
when you can't even walk the downhills

The fun is in the run

In needing no watch to see
The passage of time
By the arc of the sun, and the path of the moon
The run will end when you get there
Not sooner nor later, though there are times you wish it were so

Until you collapse at the finish
Or rather, just slow down
There is no ceremony
Just contemplation.

And a reluctance to leave this place
And the space you have been traveling in for so long
To rejoin the walking world
And the noise it carries with it

And so you pause, abstractly waiting
Not ready to be done

The fun is in the run.

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