Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Me: So how was your day, you guys?
Sevy: Mom, the kids in the school are mean to me. They push me and they won't talk to me. And then I touched one of them on the arm and they screamed in my face.
Me: Who does this to you, Sevilla?
Sevy: All of them. All except Ella G. And the teacher.
Me: So what exactly happened? What did they do?
Sevy: I was walking and they pushed me down. And I fell on the ground, like this (she demonstrates). And I hurt my knee and it was blood.
Me: Who pushed you down?
Sevy: All of them.
Me: All of the kids? There must have been one or two specifically.
Sevy: Oh, there was. Uh-huh. It was a boy.
Me: (trying to understand) But why? Why did he do that?
Sevy: I don't know. Maybe he was having a bad morning.
Caden: Mommy, now me. Listen to my problem.
Me: Ok buddy.
Caden: I was at school, and someone pushed me down. And I fell and I got a scratch and it was blood. And the teacher wasn't even there.
Me: Aw, buddy...
Caden: And then, I looked, and do you know what it was? It was... a GIANT SPIDER!
Me: Ah.
Caden: It was a Daddylong-Spider. And then I heard something and I went upstairs and it was a DINOSAUR!
Sevy: Caden, dinosaurs aren't even alive anymore.
Caden. It was a Rinocerous dinosaur. And it picked me up... and it THREW me.
Sevy: That didn't happen, Caden.
Caden: And it cracked my head. And I died.
Me: Wow.
Caden: And that was my problem.

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