Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are you just sayin' animals now?

I found this note from a few years ago, and it made me laugh. The kids would have been 3 and 5. They still like playing animal guessing games and are not that much better at it today.

This was from October, 2012.

Sevy and Caden playing a game during bathtime where one has to describe an animal and the other guesses what it is. They play this game every day and never get tired of it.

Sevy: Ok, my turn. What has... a tail like a beaver...
Caden: A beaver!
Sevy: No, I'm not finished! What has... a tail like a beaver...
Caden: A beaver's tail!
Sevy: (laughing) No! What has... a tail like a beaver, AND a beak like a duck...
Me: (thinking I know it) AH!
Sevy: ...and it's blue.
Caden: A ladybird!
Sevy: No! I said it's blue.
Caden: A ladybird is blue.
Sevy: No, a ladybird is red.
Caden: An elephant! Sevy:
Caden! Is an elephant BLUE?
Caden: An octopus! Sevy: Caden, are you just sayin' animals now, or are you really thinking of it? Caden: A WHALE!

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